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About Circum Tec

Circum Tec is a provider of data telemetry; vending management systems; cashless and credit card payment solutions; and asset management systems to brands and vending operators.

Established for over 10 years as the market leader in Australia and New Zealand, and recently launched in Europe, Circum Tec aims to provide the most comprehensive, cost efficient and relevant remote monitoring solutions to its clients.

Constant innovation and product development means that our products and services continue to help you save costs, grow revenues and increase profits, thereby delivering a sustainable ROI throughout their lifetime.

Our systems and reports can be tailored by customer to help you stay one step ahead of the competition; customer feedback is actively sought and additional client specific reporting can be developed and provided at no extra cost.

As well as free standing traditional vending equipment, our range of devices means that we can work with table top and wall mounted machines. We also provide a low cost asset tracking system to track the location and availability of refrigerated assets in the field, such as branded coolers.

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