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Cashless Systems

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Circumtec’s cashless system provides an end-to-end solution that includes the hardware to read cashless cards or keys and the software to administer and manage cashless users and report all relevant transactional information.

All configuration and reporting is carried out on line so there’s no need to invest in costly software.

Circumtec’s cashless systems is tried and tested and already installed in secondary schools, prisons and workplaces.


  • Decrease costs associated with cash handling, collection, administration and banking
  • Capture new sales
  • Supports multiple purchases and price points (including subsidies)
  • Can work in parallel with canteen point of sale systems
  • Works with all MiFare/RFID/Legic cards and keys
  • System can be customised to work with existing employee card and access systems.
  • All reporting and configuration software provided over the internet - no need to invest in software licences.