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Circumtrack tells you where your assets are in the field and alerts you immediately if they move. All information is displayed on an interactive map to provide you with total management control. You can even configure the system to update at specific times each year to satisfy any audit requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley.

Circumtrack: giving you the information you need to prove that assets exist and are under management control ...without ever leaving the office.


  • Enhanced GPS system provides highly accurate asset location within 50 feet
  • Back up to GPRS triangulation where GPS cannot be used.
  • Long life 3 year battery.
  • Weekly or monthly asset location update.
  • Immediate alerts when asset has been moved.
  • Location history of asset, including all previous locations
  • Information is displayed on an interactive map.
  • Detailed location information, including longitude and latitude data, with full history
  • System can be upgraded to also report power and temperature status of asset.
  • Circumtrack comes complete with a full asset register including asset type, value, depreciation rate etc.
  • Circumtrack hardware is disguised so that it looks just like a refrigeration part (so as not to alert the retailer)


  • Know where your assets are.
  • Know when they’ve been move and where they go to.
  • Easy recovery process – system tells you where the asset has moved to within 50 feet.
  • Satisfy auditing requirement, such as Sarbanes Oxley.
  • Understand if your equipment is working – is it switched on and is it refrigerated.
  • Dramatically reduce equipment losses.
  • Improve equipment financial performance.