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A state of the art telemetry system tailored to fit any vending requirement. Circumvend has been proven to save up to 40% of vending operator costs while reducing opportunities for theft and increasing sales.

See more, sell more and save more, whilst staying ahead of your competitors by investing in Circumvend.


  • Detailed financial reporting: turnover and margin analysis by machine and product.
  • Full cash audit including cash received, cash dispensed and cash in cash box. Ability to reconcile cash expected to cash collected/counted.
  • Sales reporting by machine, selection, brand and product with daily, weekly, month and annual profile.
  • Ability to rank all sales and financial data by best to worse and vice versa.
  • Inventory levels by machine and product.
  • Machine picking list: stock can be pre-picked at the depot, saving time on site and¬†reducing depot and van stockholding.
  • Reporting of depot stock levels: the system can check stock in to the depot which is then checked out once the operator picks the stock.
  • Dynamic scheduling: only machines requiring product will be selected and ordered in terms of greatest need.
  • Stock alarms including stock outs, low stock and time to empty by machine and selection based on historical rate of sale.
  • Highlighting of any products which have not sold over a specified period (e.g. 24 hours, 2 days, 28 days).
  • Fault reporting including power, failure to vend, coin mechanism failure etc.
  • All machines are displayed on a map and colour coded to indicate stock or cash status.


  • Significantly reduce cash shrinkage by reconciling cash expected to cash collected/ counted.
  • Significantly reduce stock shrinkage by pre-picking at the depot and reconciling product sales to cash receipts.
  • Reduce stockholding and van inventory by pre-picking stock at the depot.
  • Improve productivity by only visiting machines requiring attention.
  • Spend less time on site, so that you can visit more machines.
  • Save on fuel costs - less wasted journeys, lighter van loads.
  • Improve sales by weeding out slow moving products.
  • Improve product availability by reducing lost sales as a result of stock outs.
  • Demonstrate performance / service level compliance to clients.
  • Improve machine availability by reacting to machine breakdowns more quickly and fixing them first time.


  • Category insight: rate of sale, sales by SKU, channel, location type and business sector
  • Comparative performance: region, machine, sales territory
  • Equipment viability reporting.
  • Machine availability report: % time equipment has been available over as given reporting period.
  • Product (SKU) availability report: % time a product has been available over a given period.¬†
  • Supplier performance reporting: KPI performance, speed of technical response
  • Compliance report: aggregated machine sales reconciled to product delivered by wholesaler. Alerts to partners who may be sourcing product outside the supply agreement.
  • Fault reporting including power, failure to vend, coin mechanism failure etc.


  • Full visibility of sales by overall base and key accounts.
  • Provision of point of consumption data for brand managers.
  • Ability to optimise planograms by apportioning sales space in machines based on SKU rate of sale.
  • Ability to measure sales impact of promotions or NPD.
  • Identify and take corrective action against vending partners sourcing product outside the terms of the supply agreement.
  • Scorecard supplier performance based on independently verified data.
  • Improve equipment availability by reacting to faults more quickly.