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Vending operators no longer need to waste time, labour and money generating client invoices for their hot drinks machines - invoicing process is now remote, efficient and automated.

InVend Remote Invoicing from Circum Tec enables you to remotely track, retrieve and process line by line vend data from your hot drinks machines automatically in ‘real time’ eradicating the requirement of manual data gathering and interpretation.

With ever increasing fuel, operation and raw material costs InVend will help you drive the profitability of your vending business by making the traditional, inefficient and expensive method of manually deriving and processing machine data a thing of the past.


  • 100% reduction sending staff to visit machines and extract invoice data
  • Drastically reduce fuel & operator costs
  • Cut the time it takes to generate customer invoices to seconds rather than hours
  • No more ploughing through multiple machine records and keying in of data


  • Ability to retrieve, aggregate and process line by line vend data including selection, cup charge, value & vend count
  • Synchronisation – retrieves and aggregates vend data in line with your invoicing period or any selected date range
  • Fault reporting including power and failure to vend
  • Detailed financial reporting: turnover and margin analysis by machine and product.
  • Instantly identify and weed out slow-moving products, improving merchandise and performance